Preferred Links of - This is one of my best friends' website. A good source for computer/IT info and support. He knows his stuff. If any of the songs/works look familiar, it would be because we collaborated on them together.

College of Technologies, University of Northwestern Ohio - This is the college that my little brother is currently attending, and will be graduating from in January. I am prouder of him than I can possibly say. He's got his head screwed on right, anyone who says otherwise will get a right good kicking, it's the older brother in me, after all :)

The Mark Levin Show - Rush Limbaugh come on a bit strong, perhaps even pompous for you? Sean Hannity a bit redundant sometimes? Have you listened to Mark Levin? This guy knows his stuff (active constitutional lawyer, former member of President Reagan's cabinet), and he's great to listen to. He's right up there in the top three, behind Rush and Sean, without whom, he wouldn't be on the air. Great guys, the lot of them.

More to come as I get around to it. Oh, I've got dozens of websites in my favorites, but I can't be cluttering up this page with EVERYTHING, now can I?