MIDI Music Archive

Luke and I became motivated several years back, and began punk remixes of popular tunes... Silly, perhaps nonsensical projects, the theme to Disney's Gummi Bears, for example, or the timeless classic Waltzing Matilda. In addition to those, I have done quite a number of works on my own, both remixes of existing songs, and original compositions, many more unfinished than not. Expect this section to grow as I finally get off my duff and finish some of this stuff.

All songs were composed, by ear, in TabIt. Yes, you read that right. I don't know actual guitar tablature, so I work entirely by ear.

Punked Waltzing Matilda, by Sean and Luke.

Punked Gummi Bears, by Sean and Luke.

Rock Theme from Tetris, by Sean.

Picture Series

The Cabin

The weekend of Friday the Thirteenth, January, 2012. Pictures taken Saturday. The sun rose upon a beautiful Michigan winter morning, so I snapped some shots. Keep in mind, I took these with my phone, at varying stages of weak winter sunlight, so the quality might not be the best, but hopefully, they give you a hint of what Northern Michigan has to offer this time of year. I love snow on pine boughs. If you make a Michigan with your right hand, the cabin is approximately between the middle knuckles of your index, and ring fingers.

A view from the Northwest, from the new addition.

Looking almost due North, at the road. Note the Jeep tracks into the driveway.

Toasty warm. Woodstove burning at optimal temperature. Ten degrees outside, seventy in.

West window, from new addition.

North window, from new addition.

East by Southeast, morning sun.

South. Backyard. Path to woodshed.

Happy Jeepy!

What I spent my summer doing, so I could spend my winter warm.


Sean! And I'm pretty proud of my penmanship :-)

Look kids... Snow. In January!

View from the front door.

A Trip Up North...

My family property, outside of Indian River, Michigan. This was a trip a couple summers ago with my friends. I didn't take many pictures, but the ones I took sum it up very well. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in a virtual camping trip. Smell the earth and the damp. Listen to the wind rustling through the trees. Enjoy :)

Here's my Jeep in it's natural environment.

It's looking at you.

A bit muddy.

In the foreground, my tent, coming into camp.

Looking at the central campsite, always room for one more.

Another view, my Jeep tent set up for friends.

Note the sun dappling the tents. Look up. This is why.

The sun is going down. Twilight begins.

Don't worry, we have lanterns. A midsummer night, it's warm, it's peaceful.

Food, drink, and entertainment by the lanternlight, what more do you need?

A knifefight? Naw, two buddies comparing their cutlery.

In closing, the epitome of the perfect camping trip; the perfect campfire.